I’m Erica Schultz, and fourteen years ago I left Rochester, New York for Los Angeles to pursue a career in photography. Some people say I still carry the Rochester accent, and by some people I mean all people.

When my camera isn’t in hand, you will most likely find me training for my next marathon or getting my downward dog on at yoga class. I enjoy cooking, binge watching Netflix, and hanging with my two handsome cats, Ziggy and Marley. But as much as I’m a homebody, it’s not too difficult to pull me out for happy hour to enjoy a craft beer … or two. I am usually dressed in something green and have a mild addiction to fitness clothes. I also love, love love to travel.

When it comes to photography, my work is about connection. Whether it be shooting the petal of a flower, the cracked desert floor or freckles on the face of a child, I strive to capture the invisible bond with each of my subjects. That never-ending search for the best angle and light to showcase each subject is what fuels my passion for photography.

With more than 10 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in professional photography and portraiture from Brooks Institute of Photography, I can deliver. I specialize in portraits, fine art and commercial photography. I live and work in Los Angeles, California. Whether you are interested in portraits, fine art or commercial photography, I’d love to hear from you.